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Air Exchangers

Residential & Light Commercial Air Exchangers

Ventilation and filtration for a better quality of life!

Good ventilation can renew the air of the house at a controlled rate. The filtration of this air will allow reducing the presence of pollutants. It will also reduce the risk of disease.

Air Exchange Systems ReginaHow does an air exchanger work?

Houses are better built today. Houses are also sealed up better to prevent heat loss and cold air from seeping in.
Air in your house or office is laden with moisture and pollutants. Created from the daily activities of its inhabitants. The installation of an air exchanger inside the house will remove stale and polluted air. Removing polluted air the inside house to the outside and replace it with an equivalence of fresh air.
Through a ductwork system installed in the walls. Those ducts ending with fresh air distribution grilles and stale air exhaust grilles. Fresh air distribution grilles in each room of the house needing fresh air. The stale air to outside grilles are generally located at the highest level of the house. Where the excess humidity and pollutants build-up.

The vänEE story begins in 1980 with Rick Olmstead founding Conservation Energy Systems Inc. However, the origins of the vänEE product really begin with the energy crisis of the early 1970’s that created concerns about energy security in North America.

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Air Exchanger Benefits

Answer a few questions ...

Do you have a cat, dog or other pet?

Do you smoke?

Does your house feel damp? Cold? Uncomfortable?

Do you or a family member suffer from allergies?

Does condensation form on your windows in winter?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is an immediate need to improve the air quality in your home.

Air Exchange Benefits

  • Reduce excess humidity which can cause mold, mildew and deterioration to your home
  • Reduce dangerous pollutant fumes or gases
  • Remove particles like dust and dander
  • Help reduce heating and cooling costs for highly insulated homes
  • Remove “stuffiness” and help freshen up the home

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