LED Holiday Lights

Permanently Hidden Lights manged on your SmartPhone

T’is the season ….

  • to hang the holiday lights
  • to find the lights and untangle them
  • to dangerously go up and down a ladder or lean over the edge of your roof

Stay Safe this holiday season and for the rest of time.

Variety Plumbing, Heating & Electrical can now install these amazing LED holiday lights that stay on your house year round. Hidden until you turn them on.

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Permanent Colour Changing Lights

Holiday & Accent LED Lighting
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Trim Lights are different than any other LED permanent lighting system. We install a channel that protects and hides the wires and electrical parts. No ugly plastic strips mounted to your home! Remote control or your smartphone. You can change your lights to any color combination that you desire.
The lights in our 2 Strand system are spaced 6 inches apart, and allow you to control every other light in the channel to the color of your choice.
The system can also be set to flash. Automatically rotate through multiple colors. Increase or decrease the speed and brightness, and more.
  • Water Resistant
  • Lifetime Warranty on all parts
  • Works on iOS and Android Smartphones
  • Protected from UV damage
  • Low voltage
  • Expandable up to thousands of feet

Trimlight uses LED technology in their bulbs, which last 10 times as long as conventional, incandescent bulbs and use only 1/10th of the energy.

  • Trimlight is hardly noticeable during the rest of the year but with a simple button on a remote you can celebrate any holiday or special event throughout the year with a large combination of colors and features.
  • Trimlight exclusively uses LED lighting technology that is designed to last far longer than conventional incandescent bulbs and uses only a fraction of the power.
  • Customers have the option of ordering Trimlight in 6 inch or 12 inch spacing between lights, and replacing a diode is simple.
  • Our control boxes can be mounted in the garage, closet, or even outside. The Trimlight remotes can work from inside your home.

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