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Do it yourself plumbing tips for the Regina homeowner

Plumbing Tips, Hints & Resources

Sometimes it can be a simple fix.

The following resources may help you resolve your own plumbing, heating and air conditioning issues. If you are unable to resolve them with these resources, please contact us, we would be happy to help.

  • Furnace and HRV filters should be checked monthly to ensure full efficiency of your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.
  • Keep any flammable or combustible items away from heating appliances or if possible in another room
Air Conditioning

If your air conditioner is not working check that:

  • that the cover is off outside
  • the breaker is on at your electrical panel
  • furnace filter is clean
  • furnace switch is on
  • Place a strainer over kitchen and bathroom drains if they do not already have one; this will prevent hair, pieces of soap, and other debris from clogging drains. Clean the strainer as needed
  • Unclog a drain mechanically rather than chemically when possible
  • Use chemical drain cleaners sparingly, especially if your pipes or traps are brass, steel, or cast-iron; some chemicals may corrode metal pipes.
    • Try this instead: pour a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar down your drain every month
  • The drains in showers and in bathroom sinks typically need extra care; pour two or three gallons of boiling water down each bathroom drain about once a month to clear out hair and greasy particles
  • Every week or two remove sink and tub pop-up stoppers and rinse them off
  • Every three or four months remove the overflow plate on the tub
  • Then pull up the pop-up assembly to reach the spring or rocker arm. Remove accumulated hair and rinse thoroughly.
    If your shower drain is plugged up
  • Try a plunger first. If the plunger doesn’t unplug the drain, insert a plumber’s helper (“snake”) down the drain
  • Prevent drain clogs by putting a lint trap on your washing machine discharge hose
  • Repair or replace a leaky faucet promptly
  • Be sure to check under sinks for moisture or leaks. Even a slow leak can waste as much as 15 or 20 gallons of water a day. But a leak not only wastes water; it can eventually ruin your faucet or even your cabinets and floors
  • Leaky faucets are ordinarily caused by seals which are dirty or worn. You may either clean or replace the worn parts, or you may want to install a new faucet

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Regina Plumbing & Heating & Air Conditioning Services

General Residential and Commercial Plumbing

  • Fixture replacement (faucets, tubs and toilet)
  • Dishwasher Installs
  • Basement Rough-ins
  • Water and Drain Lines
  • Water Heaters
  • Tank-less Water Heaters
  • Sheet Metal Work
  • Back-flow Testing and Installs

Gas Installs and Repairs

  • Gas Dryers
  • Gas Stoves
  • Gas BBQ Hookups
  • Gas Furnaces & Boilers
  • Underground Gas Lines
  • Gas Fireplaces

Water and Sewer Repairs

  • Leaking Pipes
  • Sewer and Stacks
  • Sink and Tub Drains
  • Under Slab Sewer and Water

Furnaces and Air Conditioning

  • Furnace Replacements
  • Furnace Inspections
  • Furnace Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Installs
  • Air Conditioning Repairs
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